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Agreement signed with the Municipality of Tosagua for ophthalmologic care

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On July 1st, 2021, the Dr. Oswaldo Loor Foundation and the Municipal Government of Tosagua signed an institutional cooperation agreement with the aim of providing eye health care to the inhabitants of that county.

Thanks to this agreement, people of limited resources in the Tosagua district will receive free basic eye care and, for those who need it, reading glasses or specialized ophthalmologic care.

The efforts of Mrs. Elba Gonzalez, mayor of Tosagua, and her collaborators, have been fundamental in benefiting countless people who otherwise would not have been able to improve their visual health.

Writing Contest for People with Visual Impairments

On the 29th of October 2021, seven children and young adults with visual impairment, beneficiaries of the Programa Luz, participated in the Writing Contest called “Todos Estamos Conectados” (We are all Connected), organized by the Manta Central Lions Club in conjunction with the Asociación de Personas con Discapacidad Visual San Pablo de Manta, the Fundación Dr. Oswaldo Loor Moreira and the Grupo Incluye. The participants in this event, which was held virtually through the Zoom platform , were organized in three categories called Braille, Ink and Digital.

For the Dr. Oswaldo Loor Foundation it is important that visually impaired people participate and develop in this type of events, since, undoubtedly, it gives them the opportunity to socialize with other people in the same condition and allows them to communicate their feelings.

Congratulations to those who had the initiative to carry it out, to those who supported the organization and to the participants, especially Sofía Palma, Víctor Espinales, Carlos Padilla, Idannia Sornoza, Cristhian Alcívar, Milton Vergara and Niurka Moreira.