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The Dr. Oswaldo Loor Moreira Foundation has its headquarters at the Medical
Center located at Avenida Uruguay and Padre Solano in Portoviejo, in the
province of Manabí.


The construction of the Medical Center of the Foundation began in 1988. Agrupación 10 donated the land where it is located today, and for the first stage of construction, financial support was received from the Inter-American Development Agency, the Provincial Council of Manabí, Congressman Luis Alberto Giler, businessmen, industrialists, professionals and countless friends.

Between 1993 and 1998 improvements were made to the ground floor of the building, and between 2003 and 2004 the second floor was built. Finally, in 2012, the last renovation of the building was carried out with the addition of four consulting rooms.

To date, the building of the Dr. Oswaldo Loor Foundation has the necessary infrastructure so that the professionals who collaborate with it can diagnose and treat visual problems comfortably. Its facilities and the way in which it organizes the attention, allow it to provide its services, complying with the necessary safety measures to avoid the spread of Covid-19.



In the medical center in Portoviejo, the Foundation counts with two surgery rooms where cataract, pterygium and strabismus procedures, among others, are performed.


The Foundation also has an Auditorium where seminars and workshops are held for the training of its own collaborators, as well as for the social and educational community of the visually impaired.



To make it easier for patients, most of whom come from far away from Portoviejo, a pharmacy is also available.


Your contribution can improve the living conditions of people with limited economic resources in the province of Manabí. With it and with our contribution, a greater number of people will be able to obtain the following services partially or totally free of charge:

  • Ophthalmological treatments or surgeries to prevent blindness
  • Lenses for students with and without visual impairment
  • Optical aids for people with low vision
  • Technical or technological aids for visually impaired students
  • Initial investment for visually impaired people with micro-enterprises

We want to thank all those who, with their generosity, have allowed us to continue helping so many people who seek our services and support on a daily basis.