In April 2016 a strong earthquake hit the province of Manabí. Several home of visually impaired people, beneficiaries of the Luz Program, were affected and its inhabitants left without a safe roof to live under.

How could we support in their habilitation and rehabilitation a being, with visual disability, who does not have a safe space to live? How? It was essential to look for a solution.  It was necessary to provide them with a house… but how? These were the questions we asked ourselves when we became aware of the extent of the damage caused by the earthquake. The answer to the “how” was: fundraising. We began to solicit support for this project, which we called “Resurgir” (Revive in English).



To raise funds we talked to some family and friends, we sent e-mails to others, and when they knew about this reality, they supported us with donations, some large, some small, which allowed us to raise money. 

We had to decide what kind of houses we were going to build.  We wanted something solid, earthquake resistant and that would last for a long time.  And we decided on the prefabricated concrete houses sold by the company Disensa, because, given they were prefabricated, the construction process would be done in a very short time.  Thus, on July 22nd, 2016, with immense joy, we delivered the first house to Keyner Celorio.

Days later, Mr. Nick Traber, Manager of Holcim, and a person very close to Holcim Foundation and Disensa, visited Portoviejo.  We did not hesitate to talk to him and tell him about our Project and so that he could see our work, we took him to see Keyner’s house.

Mr. Traber, with a broad smile, agreed to ask the Holcim Foundation’s Together for Ecuador Initiative to sign an agreement with us for the construction of the other houses.  His request was accepted and became an enormous support that allowed us to build 17 more houses. Three others were reconstructions that were financed with funds provided by our donors, and one family was helped by financially contributing to receive housing in the Acuarela Housing Complex.

On March 27th, 2021, after five years of working together, with procedures carried out before the different municipalities, for which we had the help of each of their officials, with the purchase of some land, and with the efforts of engineers, architects, and several master builders, we delivered the last of the houses to Iker Pinargote from Las Delicias in the Bolivar canton.



Your contribution can improve the living conditions of people with limited economic resources in the province of Manabí. With it and with our contribution, a greater number of people will be able to obtain the following services partially or totally free of charge:

  • Ophthalmological treatments or surgeries to prevent blindness
  • Lenses for students with and without visual impairment
  • Optical aids for people with low vision
  • Technical or technological aids for visually impaired students
  • Initial investment for visually impaired people with micro-enterprises

We want to thank all those who, with their generosity, have allowed us to continue helping so many people who seek our services and support on a daily basis.